Harley-Davidson® exploded-view technical drawing of the BATTERY TRAY & BATTERY assembly together with a numbered parts list from the 2002 Dyna Police Parts Catalog.  Quantities shown are the quantities required for each part used on the assembly.  Adjust the quantity if you require more or less and then add directly to your shopping cart.  Click the part image for and enlarged view.  Click on the part number to visit the product page.  To view another assembly from the 2002 Dyna Police Parts Catalog select from the dropdown list.
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Harley-Davidson® exploded-view technical drawing of the BATTERY TRAY & BATTER... More

*Fitment details are provided in good faith and do not guarantee suitability for your bike. If in any doubt please contact our parts department before ordering.

BATTERY TRAY & BATTERY|2002 Dyna Police Parts Catalog
ImgIdPart No.QtyUSDDescription
Harley-Davidson® 4312C|M6 x 1 x 14mm Hex Phillips Washer Head Stainless Steel14312C
Fits: FXDP
Fits: FXDP
Harley-Davidson® 4383|Screw 5/16"-18 x 5/8" UNC Hex Head with Washer Self-Threading (Grade 2)34383
Fits: FXDP
TRAY, battery (black)
Fits: FXDP
565989-97C Substitute 65989-97E
BATTERY, sealed
Fits: FXDP
CUSHION, battery
Fits: FXDP
766060-96 Substitute Vintage Parts
LABEL, warning, battery
Fits: FXDP
PAD, battery
Fits: FXDP
TOP COVER, battery (black wrinkle)
Fits: FXDP
CABLE ASSEMBLY, battery positive, w/ boot
Fits: FXDP
Harley-Davidson® 70103-96|NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE1170103-96 Substitute Vintage Parts
16.29CABLE ASSEMBLY, battery negative
Fits: FXDP
1270276-96 Substitute Vintage Parts
CABLE ASSEMBLY, starter to ground
Fits: FXDP
Harley-Davidson® 70584-94|Battery Rubber Boot1370584-94
2.56BOOT, battery positive
Fits: FXDP
1472503-90 Substitute Vintage Parts
GROMMET, battery positive
Fits: FXDP
BUSHING, front battery mount
Fits: FXDP