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2019 Road Glide Ultra

With powerful Boom!™ audio stage II speaker system, fairing lower speakers, saddlebag speakers and 4 amplifiers, this bike is ready to rock and roll.

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  • $ 1,328.92
    $ 1,328.92

    Add a custom touch to your motorcycle with a Color-Matched Inner Fairing and Fairing Cap. Designed to replace the Original Equipment matte black inner fairing, the color-matched finish offers a brilliant contrast to the gauge faces and accessory chrome instrument bezels.

    • Vivid Black
    • Additional colors available for purchase in-dealership
  • $ 231.05
    $ 231.05

    Add back support for long-haul riding comfort. Contoured backrest pad is shaped to provide full lower back support and the slim profile offers the passenger a few more inches of room.

    • Smooth vinyl style
    • Contoured backrest pad provides full lower back support
    • Added support will not push the rider forward
    • Angle can be adjusted for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable support bracket has 4 mounting locations to accommodate different seats and riding positions
  • $ 231.05
    $ 231.05

    The low-profile aerodynamic styling of the Air Wing Tour-Pak® Luggage Rack enhances the look of any Razor-Pak, Chopped or King Tour-Pak® lid. The mirror-like chrome-plating draws your eye to the sleek lines, and the engraved Harley-Davidson® script adds a signature finish.

    • Chrome finish
    • Protects both Tour-Pak® carrier's lid and passenger backrest from scratches
    • Die-cast wing and lightweight steel tubing are hand-polished before finishing for long-lasting beauty
    • Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware
    • For more visibility, add the Air Wing Rack Light Kit (sold separately): P/N 68271-08A or 68250-08A ('97-'13 models) or 68000112 or 68000113 ('14-later models)
  • $ 184.84
    $ 184.84

    Complete the custom look with the Floating Brake Rotor. Styled to complement the Chisel and Slicer front wheel, the inner spider features a cutout design that mirrors the wheel's 7 distinctive open spokes. This rotor is polished to a mirror shine to match your customizing direction.

    • Front, Left or Front, Right
    • Polished
    • Sold individually
    • Chrome rotors include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 1,040.00
    $ 1,040.00

    Add the shine of chrome to your bike with these highly polished Brake Caliper Kits. Manufactured from Original Equipment components for proven performance, these calipers are a great addition to the stock bike, or add the finishing touch to a complete custom equipped with chrome wheels, rotors, fork sliders and swingarm.

    • Chrome finish
    • Brake pads and pad pins not included
  • $ 103.94
    $ 103.94

    Kick your custom into gear with this collection of high quality custom shift linkages.

    • Round, smooth chrome design
    • Feature aircraft-quality rod ends for easy adjustment and smooth operation
    • Easy to install
    • Includes a transmission lever cover and decorative acorn nuts and bolts for a complete custom look
  • $ 34.61
    $ 34.61

    This compact antenna is only 19" tall, and is a stylish change from the Original Equipment whip antenna.

    • The low-profile antenna simplifies covering the bike for storage
    • Easy to install, the Shorty Antenna screws on to the factory antenna mount
  • $ 161.73
    $ 161.73

    Billet-style mirror features a low-profile swept back design, slotted stem, and a laser etched Harley-Davidson® script on mirror back.

    • Teardrop shape provides excellent rearward visibility, and the slim lines add a true custom touch
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 57.72
    $ 57.72

    Fill the gap between the wheel and the fork slider with these highly polished chrome-plated wheel spacers. The rounded design complements any wheel and rotor combination, and looks great with chrome fork sliders.

    • Chrome-plated
    • Domed design
    • Manufactured to the Original Equipment tolerances, they deliver exact fitment and custom shine
  • $ 92.40
    $ 92.40

    Once you select your wheel style, select the Wheel Installation Kit designed specifically for your motorcycle.

    • Rear, 25mm axle, ABS
    • Kit includes the bearings and spacers required for installation
    • Image shown may not represent all fitments
  • $ 92.40
    $ 92.40

    Once you select your wheel style, select the Wheel Installation Kit designed specifically for your motorcycle.

    • Front, 25mm axle, ABS
    • Kit includes the bearings and spacers required for installation
    • Image shown may not represent all fitments
  • $ 184.84
    $ 184.84

    This Lid Lining features a convenient six pocket organizer to keep smaller items conveniently at hand, and is shaped to fit the contours of the Tour-Pak® lid for a finished look. The organizer features 4 enclosed pouches, 1 mesh pouch and 1 clear mobile-device pouch.

    • Hook-and-loop fasteners permit easy removal for cleaning
    • Soft gray finish is the perfect match for the Original Equipment Tour-Pak® bottom liner
    • Organizer features 4 enclosed pouches, 1 mesh pouch and 1 clear mobile-device pouch
  • $ 681.76
    $ 681.76

    The front forks on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle set the tone for the bike, and can lead the way to a full-bore custom statement. So start customizing by adding chrome where it will have the most noticeable impact on the overall look of the bike: your front end.

    • A perfect addition during the installation of Premium Ride or Profile Low front suspension components
    • Package includes components necessary to completely chrome the front forks
    • Includes (components vary depending on your model): Chrome Fork Sliders, Chrome Fork Axle Retainer Nut Kit, Chrome Fork Slider Drain Screw Kit, Chrome Front Wheel Spacers, Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit, and Chrome Upper Fork Nut Covers
    • Chrome Front End Package price does not include labor or supplies
  • $ 173.28
    $ 173.28

    Convert your handlebar switch housings from black to brilliant chrome.

    • Kit includes left and right housings sets
    • No switches or wiring required
  • $ 55.40
    $ 55.40

    A necessary addition when adding an adjustable rider backrest to your Touring model.

    • Required to install rider backrest on '09-later Touring models
    • Kit includes mounting bracket and all required installation hardware
  • $ 353.17
    $ 353.17

    Compact 2.5” bullet-shaped reflector-optics fog lamps produce a bright white pool of light near the vehicle, and fill in the dark area between the bike and the low-beam pattern.

    • Projects a smooth light pattern spread without distracting “hot spots”
    • Natural “daylight” lamp colour enhances and amplifies the reflective character of lane markers
    • Low-draw LED lamps do not burden the bike's electrical system
    • Long-life solid-state LED lamps are sealed in shock and vibration-resistant housings that mount to the engine guard or the Road Glide® fairing for a clean appearance
    • DOT and ECE compliant
  • $ 693.32
    $ 693.32

    Take your music to the streets. Boom!™ Audio Amplifier Kits allow you to crank up the volume with significantly less distortion.

    • Fairing Mounted
    • System-matched high-output signal features optimized sound equalization for crisp, clear vocals and maximum bass response
    • The waterproof 4-channel, 75 watts/channel amplifier (300 watt total) has been designed from the ground-up for the harsh motorcycle environment
    • Provides more power than Original Equipment radio alone
    • Increased volume, fuller sound reproduction, reduced clipping, and lower Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
    • Adding a Boom!™ Audio Amplifier to a vehicle with a Boom!™ Box system turns off the internal radio amplifier. Adding a third or fourth set of speakers requires the use of the Boom!™ Audio Speaker Expansion Kit
    • Kit includes all mounting hardware and wiring harness
    • Stop by a participating dealer to interact with a unique audio display that lets you simulate how your bike will sound with Boom!™ Audio upgrades. Contact your local dealer for details
  • $ 46.17
    $ 46.17

    Protect your belongings and reduce noise and rattles on the road.

    • Soft-touch felt finish liner is formed to the fairing glove box interior for a perfect fit
    • Molded base and sides maximize the interior room
    • One-piece design allows easy removal for cleaning and maintenance
    • Right liner includes intergrated mobile device storage net.
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 144.40
    $ 144.40

    Stock on the MY 2015 CVO™ Road Glide®, this easy to install, 2 piece trim kit adds a speedy looking splash of chrome to the base of the windshield.

    • Chrome finish
    • 2-piece trim kit
    • Includes installation hardware
    • Easy to install
  • $ 866.67
    $ 866.67

    Cut to the bone. The seven minimalist spokes radiate from the center hub and grasp the rim with an iron fist.

    • 16" rear wheel
    • Mirror chrome finish
    • Tested to H-D®'s high standards for durability and finish
    • Requires separate purchase of model-specific wheel installation kit, sprocket hardware and brake rotor-specific hardware
    • Installation may require separate purchase of wheel size and model-specific tire
    • Certified by Harley-Davidson® to perform to our tough vehicle standards for quality and durability
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