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2017 Softail Deluxe

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  • $ 88.38
    $ 88.38

    Styled to complement the Softail® Deluxe Original Equipment seat and passenger pillion, this Short Backrest Pad hugs the contour of the one-piece upright.

    • Smaller sized backrest
  • $ 176.81
    $ 176.81

    A perfect complement to stock or custom wheels. Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications for exact fit, this rotor is meticulously polished to achieve a chrome-like appearance.

    • Rear
    • Polished
    • Sold individually
    • Chrome rotors include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 129.65
    $ 129.65

    Designed by Harley-Davidson® to lower the front fork approximately 1.0" while preserving ride quality.

    • Lowers the front fork approximately 1.0"
    • Springs are wound to allow a compliant, yet controlled ride
    • A perfect addition during the installation of chrome or gloss black lower fork sliders
    • Must only be installed on vehicles equipped with low-profile rear suspension
  • $ 58.89
    $ 58.89

    This collection personifies Harley® style. It had better, because we put our name on it - The Harley-Davidson® Motor Co.

    • Chrome finish
    • Harley-Davidson® Motor Co. script
    • Includes chrome-plated stainless steel mounting hardware
  • $ 58.89
    $ 58.89

    Wrap your Screamin' Eagle® round air cleaner element in style. The mirror-chrome low-profile Air Cleaner Cover shields the element and opens breathing space between the backing plate and the cover.

    • Chrome-plated
    • Cut-away bottom design exposes air cleaner element to maximize airflow
    • Easy to install
    • Ideal complement to Chrome Air Cleaner Back Plate P/N 29510-05
  • $ 82.48
    $ 82.48

    Add a finished chrome look to the left side of your Twin Cam engine.

    • Chrome-plated
    • Smooth finish
    • Easy to install kit includes all necessary mounting hardware
  • $ 30.61
    $ 30.61

    From the design philosophy of less is more, we bring you this collection of basic chrome accessories, which provide a clean, custom look that is guaranteed to turn heads.

    • Basic chrome finish
    • Includes chrome-plated stainless steel mounting hardware
  • $ 44.75
    $ 44.75

    Dress your ABS-equipped Softail® model in style.

    • Shaped to conceal the ABS wheel speed sensor harness
    • Mounts to the brake caliper tabs on the lower fork sliders
    • Mirror chrome finish
    • Complements the Original Equipment satin polished sliders, or serves as the final finishing touch to a complete chrome front end
  • $ 35.32
    $ 35.32

    Cover your rear axle nut in the most traditional way.

    • Die-cast, chrome-plated
    • Complement the matching Front Axle Nut covers
    • Easy-to-install, these cover kits include necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 76.60
    $ 76.60

    This exclusive Headbolt Bridge covers both the headbolts and spark plug with a splash of chrome and an engraved Bar & Shield emblem.

    • Easy-to-install with unique headbolt mounts
    • Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 766.38
    $ 766.38

    The front forks on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle set the tone for the bike, and can lead the way to a full-bore custom statement. So start customizing by adding chrome where it will have the most noticeable impact on the overall look of the bike, your front end.

    • A perfect ddition during the installation of Preminum Ride or Profile Low Front suspension components
    • Package includes components necessary to completely chrome the front forks
    • Includes (components vary depending on your model): Chrome Fork Sliders, Chrome Fork Axle Retainer Nut Kit, Chrome Fork Slider Drain Screw Kit, Chrome Front Wheel Spacers, Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit, and Chrome Upper Fork Nut Covers
    • Chrome Front End Package price does not include labor or supplies
  • $ 37.68
    $ 37.68

    Cover the swingarm pivot bolt in classic style.

    • Die-cast, chrome-plated
    • Includes set of screws and Allen wrench for easy installation
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 176.81
    $ 176.81

    Get the look of a chrome inner primary cover without tearing apart the drive train. Designed to wrap the top surface of the painted inner primary cover, this mirror-chrome die-cast shell provides a beefy finished look to the engine cases.

    • Easy-to-install
    • Secured with the outer primary hardware, and held in place at four points for quiet operation
    • Kit includes required mounting hardware
    • Consider adding a Chrome Cylinder Base Cover and Classic Chrome Socket Head Screw Covers (sold separately)
  • $ 117.85
    $ 117.85

    Featuring a ribbed design for sharp surface contrasts, this chrome Engine Transmission Interface Cover provides a custom option to conceal the space between the cam cover and the transmission. The two-piece cover stretches from the gearcase cover to the rear of the transmission, and frames the transmission side cover with a band of chrome for a complete custom look.

    • Ribbed design for sharp surface contrasts
    • Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware
  • $ 111.97
    $ 111.97

    Love the look of your bike but hate the appearance of your state-mandated license plate? This stylish Curved License Plate Frame is shaped to hug the contour of the rear fender, and layback design reduces the "in-your-face" look of the flat, unfinished plate.

    • Designed to replace the upright license plate mount
    • Front frame cover hides the plate's holes and raw edges
    • Solid backing plate conceals the unfinished rear side of the plate
    • Chrome finish
    • Includes all required mounting hardware
  • $ 70.69
    $ 70.69

    A must have complement to the Visor-Style Headlamp Trim Ring, these chrome-plated Visor-Style Trim Rings recess the passing lamp into the housing, and add a traditional "eyebrow" design to the passing lamp shell. The trim ring stretches the profile of the bike for a long, lean appearance.

    • Chrome-plated
  • $ 51.82
    $ 51.82

    These chrome-plated Visor-Style Trim Rings recess the headlamp into the housing, and add a traditional "eyebrow" design to the headlamp shell. The trim ring stretches the profile of the bike for a long, lean appearance.

    • Chrome-plated
    • Add matching Visor-Style Passing Lamp and Turn Signal Trim Rings for a true custom look
  • $ 70.69
    $ 70.69

    Styled to complement the ballistic inlet shape of the Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers.

    • Chrome finish
    • Rear shield features a deep embossed Screamin' Eagle® signature script
    • Easy to install
    • Kit includes front and rear shields and mounting hardware
  • $ 106.06
    $ 106.06

    Kick your custom into gear with this collection of high quality custom shift linkages.

    • Round, smooth chrome design
    • Feature aircraft-quality rod ends for easy adjustment and smooth operation
    • Easy to install
    • Includes a transmission lever cover and decorative acorn nuts and bolts for a complete custom look
  • $ 94.28
    $ 94.28

    Give your left foot a little extra room. Folding Heel Shifter permits the rider to move the rear shift peg out of the way when on the open road, while retaining heel/toe shift functionality around town.

    • Positive detent holds the peg in the selected position
    • Easy to install
    • Replacement rear lever is chrome-plated, and shaped to match the Original Equipment toe shift lever
    • Lever accepts stock or accessory shifter peg
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