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2017 Roadster 2

Low-slung clip-on handlebars, rear set foot controls and a swept back solo café tail section.

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  • $ 50.65
    $ 50.65

    Cover your rear axle nut in the most traditional way.

    • Gloss Black
    • Complement the matching Front Axle Nut covers
    • Easy-to-install, these cover kits include necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 51.82
    $ 51.82

    Precision-machined of high-quality aluminum and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Kit includes 4 easy-to-install headbolt covers, set screws, and an Allen wrench
  • $ 294.73
    $ 294.73

    The wedge shape of the spoiler accents the lean and narrow look of the Sportster® model.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Injection molded from high-impact material
    • Kit includes all mounting hardware
    • Available in Primed or Vivid Black
  • $ 94.28
    $ 94.28

    Emphasize the long and lean look of the fuel tank.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Pop-up filler design that replaces the Original Equipment twist-on fuel cap
    • A simple push, and the fuel filler cap pops up to provide ample grip, even while wearing gloves
    • Cap features soft-click ratcheting feature to prevent over-tightening
    • Easy to install
    • Cap assembly screws into position
    • Self-adhesive decorative ring
    • Includes screw-in mount, pop-up cap and matching trim ring
  • $ 41.20
    $ 41.20

    Finishes the Dark Custom™ look by replacing the Original Equipment chrome headlamp trim ring with sinister black.

    • Rich black surface matches the stock headlamp shell finish for a unified look
    • Easy to install
  • $ 35.32
    $ 35.32

    Highly-polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers, provide an extra custom accent.

    • Perfect addition to the chrome sprocket
    • Made from the same Original Equipment bolts to ensure product integrity
    • Works with chrome belt sprocket covers and Orignal Equipment sprockets
    • Kit includes highly polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers
  • $ 20.46
    $ 20.46

    Battery charging harness simplifies charging the battery.

    • Features an integrated LED indicator light that warns you when your battery voltage drops to a level that requires charging
    • Attach the ring terminals to your battery and route the harness for easy access to the plug connector
    • When the LED glows, its time to connect the bike to a Harley-Davidson® battery tender
    • Compatible with all Harley-Davidson® battery chargers
    • Features in-line 7.5 Amp fuse protection
    • Plug connector is protected with a weather-shield cap when not in use
  • $ 58.89
    $ 58.89

    Add a custom style to the front end with this brilliant chrome-plated Engine Mount Stabilizer Link.

    • This custom heim joint assembly is designed to link the engine to the engine mount bracket
    • Replace the Original Equipment upper or lower front tie link
    • For a complete transformation, install two Stabilizer Links and the complementing chrome Billet Front Engine Mount Bracket P/N 16400022
    • Kit includes one stabilizer link and chrome mounting hardware
  • $ 153.22
    $ 153.22

    A must-have for any chrome connoisseur; this chrome-plated Front Engine Mount Bracket will set your custom apart from the rest.

    • The chrome bracket is machined from premium 6061-T6 aluminum
    • Direct bolt-on replacement for the Original Equipment upper bracket
    • Can be used with the stock stabilizer link, or dressed up with the optional chrome Front Engine Mount Stabilizer Link P/N 16400020
    • Kit includes chrome mounting hardware
  • $ 235.75
    $ 235.75

    Hide the blue. These Original Equipment-style Header Pipes have been finished with a unique jet black heat resistant coating, and are a great accent to both chrome and black Buckshot exhaust shields.

    • Jet black finish
    • When exposed through the holes in the Buckshot shields, the black header pipe provides a sinister accent
    • Hides the heat-tempered finish of the typical exhaust pipe
    • Easy to install using factory mounting hardware
    • Includes front and rear header pipe
  • $ 117.85
    $ 117.85

    Grab some black with these levers - a natural fit for black accessory handlebars or to further the blacked-out look of your motorcycle.

    • Includes clutch anti-rattle clip and new pivot bushings
  • $ 223.99
    $ 223.99

    Complete the custom look with the Split 7 Spoke Floating Brake Rotor, styled to complement Original Equipment or custom wheels. This floating rotor features a steel inner carrier that is shaped to accent the wheel, with a polished and drilled stainless steel outer disc that is precision-riveted in place.

    • Black
    • Front, left or front, right
    • Sold individually
    • Chrome rotors include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 371.36
    $ 371.36

    Maintain the clean view over the handlebar. This unique Combination Speedometer/Tachometer allows you to monitor engine speed without adding additional handlebar-mounted gauges.

    • 4" Spun Aluminum Dial, MPH/km/h, U.S. Models
    • Unit mounts in the stock dash opening and is a direct plug-in installation
    • Backlit gauge includes a large LCD (liquid crystal display) information screen that displays odometer/tripmeter data, miles-to-empty readings, an easy-to-read segmented fuel display, a gear position indicator and clock
    • Features push-button adjustable backlighting with over 600 colour tone options allowing the rider to adjust pointer, LCD and backlighting colours to match any paint scheme or viewing preference
    • Digital speed reading can be easily toggled between MPH and kph to simplify cross-border travel
    • Mileage reinstatement resides in the vehicle ECM so initial mileage will be uploaded at the time of installation
  • $ 165.02
    $ 165.02

    Fuel Level Sensor Kit accurately monitors the fuel level and relays information to the LCD display for convenient at-a-glance viewing.

    • Kit includes sending unit, wiring harness and all necessary installation hardware
  • $ 117.85
    $ 117.85

    This handsome gloss black steel guard replaces the Original Equipment plastic debris deflector to provide a rich smooth surface.

    • Adds an open look while protecting the belt from stones and debris
    • Complements the upper belt guard and swingarm
    • Perforated “Buckshot” design
  • $ 129.65
    $ 129.65

    These easy-to-install caps allow you to finish your 3.25" Screamin Eagle mufflers your way.

    • Installation hardware included
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 82.48
    $ 82.48

    Tough broad shouldered attitude with an edge - that's what you get when you finish your ride with the Rail Collection.

    • Factory engineered components to ensure perfect fit and function
    • Rich durable gloss black finish draws attention to the heart of the bike
    • Machined longitudinal strakes provide visual length to the powertrain
    • Masculine and aggressive look
    • Mixes well with either café or urban assault styles
  • $ 358.67
    $ 358.67

    Cut through the night. Harley-Davidson® Daymaker™ LED Lamps are brighter and whiter in colour and provide a superior light pattern over standard incandescent lamps. Compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb, the LED lamp produces a daylight colour impression that appears more natural to the user.

    • 5-3/4" Headlamp with black backplate
    • Feature two "D" shaped optical lenses, single low-beam lens, and three high-beam lenses
    • Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds additional punch down the middle of the road
    • LED lamps are DOT and ECE compliant
  • $ 106.06
    $ 106.06

    Grab the attention of the traffic around you. LED Turn Signal Inserts feature a single bright, fast-acting amber LED lamp sealed in a waterproof housing. The multi-faceted reflector amplifies the light, and the focused lens spreads the light across the lamp’s surface.

    • Amber LED Insert
    • Drop-in lamp assembly replaces the bulb and reflector in the stock bullet turn signal housing for a simple on-bike installation
    • Included plug-in harness and crimp connectors attach directly to the existing turn signal wiring
    • Installation does not require a control box or load equalizer for correct operation
    • Kit includes 2 LED modules, 2 wiring harnesses, and crimping connectors
    • Customize the look with your choice of outer lens cover colour
    • Lenses sold separately
    • Amber Inserts are DOT and ECE compliant
  • $ 15.28
    $ 15.28

    Add a unique touch to your bike with these lenses.

    • Smoked Lenses
    • Replaces the Original Equipment lenses when you install LED Bullet Turn Signal Inserts P/N 67800639 or 67800640
    • Available in amber, clear, smoked and red to match your style or functional needs
    • Kit contains 2 lenses
    • ECE/DOT compliant with Amber insert
    • DOT compliant with Red insert
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