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2017 Low Rider S

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  • $ 174.24
    $ 174.24

    A perfect complement to stock or custom wheels. Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications for exact fit, this rotor is meticulously polished to achieve a chrome-like appearance.

    • Rear
    • Polished
    • Sold individually
    • Chrome rotors include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 87.09
    $ 87.09

    These engine covers are the perfect start in converting your powertrain to an elegant "tuxedo black" look. Manufactured from Original Equipment components to ensure a perfect fit, these covers are masked and coated with temperature-resistant paint to ensure a long-lasting finish.

    • Complete the look with matching primary covers, rocker housings, rocker covers, cam covers and transmission covers (sold separately)
  • $ 49.91
    $ 49.91

    Cover your rear axle nut in the most traditional way.

    • Gloss Black
    • Complement the matching Front Axle Nut covers
    • Easy-to-install, these cover kits include necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 75.48
    $ 75.48

    This exclusive aluminum Finned Headbolt Bridge covers both headbolts and the spark plug, filling out your cylinder fins all the way to the rocker box.

    • Features an engraved Bar & Shield emblem
    • Easy to install with unique headbolt mounts
    • Sold in pairs
    • Includes all necessary mounting hardware
  • $ 69.66
    $ 69.66

    Highlighted with a unique Bar & Shield graphic, these easy-to-install billet-look covers hide the Original Equipment fork and steering stem hex-head hardware, and add a clean custom touch to the top of the triple tree.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Highlighted with a unique Bar & Shield graphic
    • Easy to install
    • Billet-look covers hide the Original Equipment fork and steering stem hex-head hardware, and add a clean custom touch to the top of the triple tree
    • Includes three covers and mounting hardware
  • $ 34.80
    $ 34.80

    Highly-polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers, provide an extra custom accent.

    • Perfect addition to the chrome sprocket
    • Made from the same Original Equipment bolts to ensure product integrity
    • Works with chrome belt sprocket covers and Orignal Equipment sprockets
    • Kit includes highly polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers
  • $ 243.96
    $ 243.96

    Emphasize the long and lean look of the fuel tank. This Flush-Mount Fuel Cap and Gauge Kit offers a pop-up filler design that when installed and sealed looks identical to the flush gauge.

    • A simple push, and the fuel filler cap pops up to provide ample grip, even while wearing gloves
    • Gas cap features a ratchet mechanism to prevent over tightening
    • Flush fuel gauge features individual LED lamps that shine through glass that glows when the ignition is switched on
    • Photo cell automatically adjusts LED brightness for improved visibility in direct sunlight, and dims at night to avoid distraction
    • Includes fuel cap, fuel gauge, trim ring, and plug-in wiring harness
  • $ 28.99
    $ 28.99

    Add a unique touch to your bike. These Turn Signal Lens Kits replace the amber lenses for a clean front and rear appearance.

    • Bullet style with smoked lens
    • Meets DOT requirements
  • $ 20.16
    $ 20.16

    Battery charging harness simplifies charging the battery.

    • Features an integrated LED indicator light that warns you when your battery voltage drops to a level that requires charging
    • Attach the ring terminals to your battery and route the harness for easy access to the plug connector
    • When the LED glows, its time to connect the bike to a Harley-Davidson® battery tender
    • Compatible with all Harley-Davidson® battery chargers
    • Features in-line 7.5 Amp fuse protection
    • Plug connector is protected with a weather-shield cap when not in use
  • $ 174.24
    $ 174.24

    Complete the custom look with open design Floating Brake Rotors, styled to complement a variety of custom wheels.

    • Polished finish
    • Rotors are sold individually
    • Includes chrome installation hardware
  • $ 81.28
    $ 81.28

    Complete the Dark Custom™ look. These covers replace existing chrome covers to give your bike a blacked-out appearance down to the smallest detail.

    • Cover Kit can be installed on engines already equipped with Adjustable Pushrods, or can be installed by removing rocker box covers, rocker arms, and non-adjustable pushrods
    • Pushrod covers are finished in a gloss black and include the four bottom cover tubes and the four upper clips
    • Installation retains the Original Equipment chrome short center tube to create a high-contract accent
    • Consult your dealer or service manual for installation
  • $ 34.80
    $ 34.80

    Cover the front axle in style. These smooth custom, die-cast Axle Nut Covers look great and add the finishing touch to complete a custom front end.

    • Easy to install
    • Includes all necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 284.63
    $ 284.63

    With a scooped shape designed to accent the long, lean Dyna® models, this sporty custom addition is injection-molded from high-impact materials.

    • Vivid Black finish
    • With polished insert
    • Includes mounting hardware
    • Available in Primed or Vivid Black
  • $ 267.21
    $ 267.21

    Keep an eye on everything, while everyone keeps an eye on you. These compact billet mirrors feature glass-smooth domed shells and wet-look black surfaces to reflect a new contemporary style.

    • Precision machined edge exposes three bands of satin aluminum for a brilliant contrast
    • Sleek round stems keep the mirrors close to the controls for a tight tucked-in profile
  • $ 34.80
    $ 34.80

    Complete your Twin Cam engine’s conversion to the total blacked-out look.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components for perfect fit and function
    • Replaces the chrome-finished factory covers
    • Fits with stock or Screamin’ Eagle® Quick-Install Pushrods
    • Consult your dealer or service manual for installation
  • $ 92.91
    $ 92.91

    Complete your Twin Cam engine's conversion to a total blacked-out look.

    • Textured black tappet blocks replace the stock bright-finished components for a sinister appearance
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components for perfect fit and function
    • Perfect complement to Gloss Black Pushrod Cover Kit P/N 17900033 and Gloss Black Pushrod Collars P/N 17900076 (sold separately)
  • $ 353.45
    $ 353.45

    Cut through the night. Harley-Davidson® Daymaker™ LED Lamps are brighter and whiter in colour and provide a superior light pattern over standard incandescent lamps. Compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb, the LED lamp produces a daylight colour impression that appears more natural to the user.

    • 5-3/4" Headlamp with black backplate
    • Feature two "D" shaped optical lenses, single low-beam lens, and three high-beam lenses
    • Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds additional punch down the middle of the road
    • LED lamps are DOT and ECE compliant
  • $ 406.64
    $ 406.64

    When it's time to go it alone, go solo in style. This premium quality cowhide leather saddle features a smooth, sleek design that hugs the frame rails for a true custom look.

    • Designed to place the rider "in" the bike for a low-slung riding position
    • Top-grain leather seating surface and contoured foam padding provide a firm but luxurious feel
    • Does not fit with passenger pillions
    • Seat width 12.5"
  • $ 2,435.48
    $ 2,435.48

    Turn your Original Equipment 110 cubic inch model into a fast, reliable 117 cubic inch Twin Cam hauler without having to remove the motor from the chassis. This Street Performance Kit combines system-matched Screamin’ Eagle big bore cylinders, forged pistons and performance cams and valve train components with the Original Equipment cylinder heads for a cost-effective boost in torque and performance.

    • Black finish
    • Exclusive bolt-on 4.125" cylinders are engineered with high strength slim-wall spigots that slip into the factory 110CI crank case without any additional machining
    • 4.125" flat top pistons team with the stock cylinder heads to produce a performance-enhancing 9.9:1 compression ratio
    • High-lift SE-259E cam produces a boost in torque throughout the RPM range
    • All EFI-equipped models require dealer-installed ECM calibration download or use of the tunable Screamin' Eagle® Street Tuner Kit* (priced separately)
    • Recalibration is required for proper installation, See Dealer for details, Labor cost not included
    • Includes 4.125" Bolt-On Cylinders, Forged 9.9:1 Compression Pistons & Rings, 58mm Throttle Body, High Flow Fuel Injectors, SE-259E Cams, Perfect-Fit Pushrods, High-Capacity Roller Tappets, Inner Cam Bearing, Top End & Cam Cover Gasket, EO Emissions Label
  • $ 34.80
    $ 34.80

    Fat 10mm plug wires add dimension and style to your ride. Screamin' Eagle® boot design and suppression core wires ensure solid connection and maximum voltage transfer between coil and plugs.

    • Orange 10mm wire
    • Screamin' Eagle® graphic printed along wire
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