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2017 Fat Boy

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  • $ 117.85
    $ 117.85

    Sweeping curves and a brilliant chrome finish add a custom look to this practical Sissy Bar Upright. Designed to complement the fender lines of the wide tire FX Softail® models, the solid round bar mini medallion upright features a stylish Bar & Shield graphic.

    • Chrome finish
    • Shaped to complement a thicker passenger pillion
    • Solid round bar mini medallion upright features a stylish Bar & Shield graphic
  • $ 88.38
    $ 88.38

    Styled to complement Original Equipment and accessory seats, these pads are sized to match the Medium Low Round Sissy Bar Uprights.

    • Smooth top-stitched design
    • Mount to mini medallion-style uprights with 2 mounting holes
    • Includes chrome-plated mounting hardware
  • $ 53.00
    $ 53.00

    Required to install detachable accessories on select models.

    • Required to install detachable accessories on select models
  • $ 176.81
    $ 176.81

    A perfect complement to stock or custom wheels. Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications for exact fit, this rotor is meticulously polished to achieve a chrome-like appearance.

    • Rear
    • Polished
    • Sold individually
    • Chrome rotors include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 44.75
    $ 44.75

    Dress your ABS-equipped Softail® model in style.

    • Shaped to conceal the ABS wheel speed sensor harness
    • Mounts to the brake caliper tabs on the lower fork sliders
    • Mirror chrome finish
    • Complements the Original Equipment satin polished sliders, or serves as the final finishing touch to a complete chrome front end
  • $ 35.32
    $ 35.32

    Cover your rear axle nut in the most traditional way.

    • Die-cast, chrome-plated
    • Complement the matching Front Axle Nut covers
    • Easy-to-install, these cover kits include necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 76.60
    $ 76.60

    This exclusive Headbolt Bridge covers both the headbolts and spark plug with a splash of chrome and an engraved Bar & Shield emblem.

    • Easy-to-install with unique headbolt mounts
    • Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 766.38
    $ 766.38

    The front forks on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle set the tone for the bike, and can lead the way to a full-bore custom statement. So start customizing by adding chrome where it will have the most noticeable impact on the overall look of the bike, your front end.

    • A perfect ddition during the installation of Preminum Ride or Profile Low Front suspension components
    • Package includes components necessary to completely chrome the front forks
    • Includes (components vary depending on your model): Chrome Fork Sliders, Chrome Fork Axle Retainer Nut Kit, Chrome Fork Slider Drain Screw Kit, Chrome Front Wheel Spacers, Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit, and Chrome Upper Fork Nut Covers
    • Chrome Front End Package price does not include labor or supplies
  • $ 49.47
    $ 49.47

    Stretch the lines of your chrome dash panel the full length of the fuel tank, without the expense of a custom tank.

    • Chrome-plated
    • Continues the lines and finishes of your standard tank panel to the front of the seat
  • $ 35.32
    $ 35.32

    Highly-polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers, provide an extra custom accent.

    • Perfect addition to the chrome sprocket
    • Made from the same Original Equipment bolts to ensure product integrity
    • Works with chrome belt sprocket covers and Orignal Equipment sprockets
    • Kit includes highly polished, chrome-plated, grade 8 hex-head screws with chrome-plated washers
  • $ 70.69
    $ 70.69

    Styled to complement the ballistic inlet shape of the Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers.

    • Chrome finish
    • Rear shield features a deep embossed Screamin' Eagle® signature script
    • Easy to install
    • Kit includes front and rear shields and mounting hardware
  • $ 106.06
    $ 106.06

    Kick your custom into gear with this collection of high quality custom shift linkages.

    • Round, smooth chrome design
    • Feature aircraft-quality rod ends for easy adjustment and smooth operation
    • Easy to install
    • Includes a transmission lever cover and decorative acorn nuts and bolts for a complete custom look
  • $ 165.02
    $ 165.02

    Required for installation of Freight Train Headlamp Nacelle.

    • Required for installation of Freight Train Headlamp Nacelle
  • $ 176.81
    $ 176.81

    This low-profile fuel gauge matches the profile of the Original Equipment fuel cap and replaces the analog read-out with bright LED lamps. The six edge-mounted LED lamps glow blue when the tank is full, and extinguish one by one as fuel is consumed.

    • Smooth chrome design
    • Photocell automatically adjusts LED brightness for improved visibility in direct sunlight, and dims at night to avoid distraction
    • Plug-in installation without splicing
  • $ 58.89
    $ 58.89

    A necessary addition for relocating aspects of your bike to accommodate various accessories.

    • Provides clearance for various Harley-Davidson® saddlebags and/or detachable accessories
    • Be sure to check fitment specifications
  • $ 47.11
    $ 47.11

    Add a unique touch to your bike. These Turn Signal Lens Kits replace the amber lenses for a clean front and rear appearance.

    • Bullet style with smoked lens
    • Meets DOT requirements

    ***IMPORTANT*** - European bikes require separate purchase of two additional single filament amber bulbs part number: 69330-02. If in doubt please contact our customer service team with details of your bike.

  • $ 51.82
    $ 51.82

    This chrome-plated Headlamp Trim Ring extends forward, giving the headlamp assembly a "frenched" look reminiscent of classic "Hot Rod" car designs by recessing the headlamp and adding the appearance of depth.

    • Headlamp trim ring
    • Recesses the headlamp and adds the appearance of depth
    • Functions as a direct replacement for the Original Equipment trim ring, except when used with P/N 69627-99, where it easily installs over the Original Equipment trim ring
    • Does not fit with Headlamp Visor or Passing Lamp Visor
  • $ 353.68
    $ 353.68

    Clean smooth covers, subtle top-stitching, and a frame-hugging profile add up to a statement only Harley® could create. The low, lean look also offers the benefit of a reduced seat height, ideal for riders wanting the lowest possible ride.

    • Reduced seat height, ideal for riders wanting the lowest possible ride
    • Includes all mounting hardware
    • Does not feature embroidered logos
    • Seat width 14.0"
  • $ 70.69
    $ 70.69

    This sprocket cover gives the appearance of a chrome sprocket at a fraction of the cost.

    • Matches the styling of the Original Equipment sprocket
    • Bolts on using the stock hardware
  • $ 501.07
    $ 501.07

    Daymaker™ Reflector LED Lamps offer superior night-time performance in a traditionally styled headlamp. These brilliant LED lamps produce a bright-white beam that lights up the surroundings and draws the attention of surrounding traffic. The natural daylight lamp colour is easy on your eyes and is tuned to enhance and amplify the reflective character of highway signs and lane markers.

    • Powerful low-beam illuminates the top half of the lamp to produce a wide pool of general lighting and remains illuminated at all times
    • High-beam adds focused light from the lower section to add punch down the middle of the lane
    • Long-life solid-state LED lamps are housed in sealed shock and vibration-resistant lamp assemblies that mount into the existing light housing
    • Installation is simple, and the plug-in lamps require no external ballast or complicated rewiring
    • Lamps are DOT and ECE approved
    • 7" Headlamp
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