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28AH Battery Kit





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  • Featuring the latest AGM technology and great Harley-Davidson graphics, these batteries are durable, long-lasting and trouble-free
  • Completely sealed, valve regulated maintenance-free design eliminates acid spills and corrosion damage
  • Re-engineered vent system is specially designed to minimize leakage
  • Exclusive molded terminal design increases strength and durability
  • Unique positive post bushing resists vibration damage and retards acid leaks and corrosion
  • Heat sealed cover prevents electrolyte leakage and improves reliability
  • Larger diameter through-partition welds direct more power to the starting motor
  • Heavy top lead improves plate-to-lug adhesion for vibration resistance and long life
  • Plates are lock-bonded together, reducing vibration damage for longer life
  • Exclusive calcium/calcium alloy grids provide highest cranking amps and lowest self-discharge
  • Full frame, power path design directs more power to the terminals for quick, sure starts
  • High density oxide provides maximum power-per-pound or dependable "high cycling" service
  • Tear-resistant AGM separators protect plates, ensuring long life
  • Exclusive demineralized electrolyte improves service life
  • Metered addition of electrolyte means no excess acid
  • Positive terminal protector (not shown) protects against short circuits and spark
  • Stainless steel terminal bolts (not shown) won't rust or corrode
  • Distinguished Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield® is molded into case, for quick, confident recognition


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